Saturday, May 5, 2012

technology vs commodity

Indonesia is now becoming one of the strongest emerging country in the world. It will join BRIC : Brazil, Russia, India and China as the new emerging economy country.
How Indonesia going to be the best amongst the best economy in the world? by being the top performer in economy that based on technology rather than commodity.

Indonesia now sells its coal and gas to other countries such as India and China, who are becoming industrialized country, meaning they no longer holding to their commodity to live.

industry needs commodity, for sure. what happen in Indonesia is that it sells commodity, but never have the strength and confidence to proccess raw commodities to become high tech product.

It is not that Indonesia doesn't know how to produce high tech products, but it is just too easy to sell commodity rather than fabricate things.

Actually, a number of factories from other countries have started their production in Indonesia, due to lacking of indonesian experts in related fields, they hire foreign nationals who paid more than local workers. 

These foreign nationals is  a prove of presence of international taste especially in Jakarta. Restaurants and shops present to cater the needs of foreigners. Some shops that in the old times would never thought of opening branch in Jakarta, now they race to get their bussiness running. 

So. the question is, are we as Indonesian, going to be just servers of the needs of global players in indonesia, or are we going to be the one who also can be global player?

Looking from the human development and characters of indonesian. we can be leading force in the world. we can be anything that we wanted, regardless where we came from. 

indonesian character who is deep down really humble, has been manipulated over and over again during occupation. Portuguesse, Dutch, English, and Japanese have occupied Indonesia and made local people lost their confidence in doing something.

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