Saturday, May 5, 2012


Living abroad a few times, makes me realizes the power of Indonesia's strategic position as the centre of world's food supplier.

A lot of food such as vegetables and fruit coming from Indonesia, such as bananas, durian, rambutan, pineapple. Tropical foods that would not growing in any other countries.

Indonesia's fruit export to singapore exceeded 36,500 tonnes each year. this is only to singapore as a big player in importing agriculture.

In the US, every morning people would wake up and eat cereal made from wheat that is cropped in the US. But the latest trend, they would like their breakfast coming with bananas, which is tropical fruit that is not grow in the US soil.

Where they get this bananas? they import them from Brazil, while the portuguesse brought the seeds in 15-16 th century from southeast asia, indonesia included to latin america. then banana got cultivated and created new variety called cavendish, which now is sold in every supermarket in the world, including in Indonesia.

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